Carer Support Group

Carers have become an important part of our charity, in fact our greatest supporters.  We have all been on a journey since we set the charity up and we would regard ourselves as pioneers on the young onset dementia path.  What we have found is that the needs of carers change as the needs of those with a diagnosis of young onset dementia change. We have been adapting and fine tuning our model based on feedback we receive.  Some of our carers have now reached the stage when their loved one has either had to enter long term care or have passed on and have approached us about support at this difficult time.   After discussion with the carers on what this support could look like, we are pleased to let you know that we have secured funding through Berkshire Carers Service to run a Carer Support Group for 12 months, commencing February 2017.  

The Carer Support Group is up and running and they will be meeting on a regular basis over the coming year.  If you would like information about the group or to find out about what activities are taking place, you can contact them via e-mail.  All are welcome and they encourage ideas for activities and events.  

Deborah Wilson, Chair of Berkshire Carers Service Trustees, said the organisation was delighted to be able to fund this innovative scheme. She said: “This project will be an important addition to the excellent work YPWD are doing to make a real difference to the lives of those living with dementia and their carers in Berkshire.”