UK Railtours Selects YPWD as Charity of Choice

YPWD selected as On-Train Raffle Charity

YPWD are delighted to announce that the prestigious railway charter company, UK Railtours, have selected YPWD as their on-train charity.  Essentially they run a raffle on board each of their tours and the proceeds - capped at £10K - go to their selected charity - YPWD (Berkshire) CIO.  In effect this means that ultimately a donation of a potential £10,000 will be chugging our way! 

As John Farrow from the Tour Company says... "We will make YPWD our raffles charity on all our tours - indeed we have already started. Our tour on Sunday raised a clear £700 for YPWD, so that’s a good start.   It’s proving a good charity in that it has set people talking. Most didn’t realise the problem even existed – now they do!"

UK Railtours are justifiably proud of their reputation for offering a varied programme of tours, and offer dependable quality and excellent value for money.  The fact that they have chosen YPWD as their charity partner clearly shows they have good taste too!  

They offer a range of trips varying from main-line steam and diesel charters to special tours to a variety of visits by rail to stately homes, museums and seaside resorts.  You can get a full picture of what they are about and what they do on their website.  

As they themselves say "There are many reasons for choosing to travel with UK Railtours, but one deserves mention,  It is a matter of fact, sadly, that some rail tour operators sometimes cancel their trips if they do not attract sufficient support, leaving customers frustrated and often annoyed.  We think that's poor service and we now make a firm promise that we will never cancel a train through lack of bookings.  So you can book with us - with confidence!"  An organisation with a valuable sense of ethics and morality - and a good match with YPWD!  

A huge thank you to UK Railtours for selecting us as their charity of the year.

Take a look at their gallery of their tours and destinations.