Amazing people achieving amazing things!


Don’t people do some quite amazing things?  We are so proud of all our marathon runners who have taken part in the Brighton and London Marathon the last couple of weeks.  We are in awe of you all.  These truly amazing runners are:

Brighton Marathon:

June Bilsby, David Power, Beckie Tollervey, Jemma Fulbrook, Sue Lienau, Tim Hogarth, Ariel Sagum, Marco Pedrosa and Sonny Sazon.

London Marathon:

Erica Key, Julie Rainbow and Stuart Colwill.

Green Park Challenge:

We would also like to make special mention to two fabulous new recruits who completed the Green Park Challenge running 3km on the 3rd April 2016.  Oliver and Maisie (in main picture)  raised over £300 for YPWD (Berkshire).