The Jubilee 10k Swim

10th Jun '18

Are you a keen swimmer looking for a challenge to motivate you?  Look no further.  Whether you participate as a team or as a solo swimmer, we have a fantastic challenge for you.  The Jubilee River Swim was dreamt up in a pub in 2012, and has become one of the countries favourite endurance swim events. The man made flood relief channel between Boulters Lock near Maidenhead and Pococks Lane in Eton is free from craft and it's distance is 10km! There are three weirs along the rivers length that break up the course nicely for swimmers. 

With three short stretches on dry land, you only need to swim 9.5km!

For furhter information about the challenge and the route of the swim, visit their website.  

If you would like to take part and raise funds for us, all we ask is for a £35 registration fee and a commitment to fundraise a minimum of £250 for our charity.  We will then organise your entry into the event.  Please contact us to register!